A common independent man who 

pledges that with your vote for Ray Woods for

U. S. Senate representing the State of Oklahoma

on Tuesday November 3 - 2026

He will go forth and present to the Congress

of the United States of America

an Amendment to the Constitution


This simple and direct Amendment will take from the federal bureaucracy

and the entrenched politicians and bureaucrats the accumulation of

federal laws that has turned the union of states

"The United States of America"

into a blundering,

self centered,

plundering capitalistic empire!

(The Constitution of the United States of America)

Who is Ray Woods?(www.rebootray.com)

Your vote and your participation is essential

“We the people of Oklahoma within the

United States of America”

are facing a daunting dilemma; our middle class lifestyle is dissolving along with our constitutional freedoms. Today, in the United States of America, the basic economical systems of our states are still intact. This is despite the stress of having over one third of each state's economic output plundered by an unjust and unfair tax system that favors the rich and devastates the poor. Alarmingly our system is being administered by a bankrupt and corrupt clandestine executive branch of our federal government operating outside the parameters put forth by the Constitution of the United States of America.

What can we do? First, between now and November 3 , 2026

Ray Woods will be traveling throughout our Great State of Oklahoma researching, testing and campaigning to see how much of the

First Amendment of the greatest civil document

(The Constitution of the United States of America) is still viable and enforceable.

Ray Woods will be addressing the "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" portion of the first amendment by going to the many state colleges and universities of higher learning, which are presently in the process of indoctrinating and enticing their students into a federally orchestrated student loan system of indentured servitude and perpetual debt. The reboot amendment to the constitution will eradicate this repressive system and allow each state to offer free higher education with the squandered wealth that the federal system now takes from "WE THE PEOPLE".

Ray Woods will be challenging the "FREEDOM OF THE PRESS" portion of the first amendment by going to the news organizations within Oklahoma and introducing a press release and a simple help wanted ad seeking assistance in rebooting the constitution without the "outside interest" funding that has corrupted our partisan political state and federal system.

Thank you the concerned and knowledgable citizens of Oklahoma that are able to

think and reason outside the myopic self centered world of partisan politics.

The State of Oklahoma has approximately 1% of the 316 million U.S. population. Oklahoma’s 3,800,000 people has 2,022,000 registered voters.

The incumbent Senator Jim Inhofe did not spend any personal funds,

the Party and outside oligarchs that Jim Inhofe is indentured to

spent over  $4,679,657 getting 557,537 votes costing $8.40 /vote.

Ray Woods an independent candidate spent $9,500. receiving 9,890 votes which amounted to a cost of approximately $1.00 /vote.

My campaign and the reception I received while traveling over 10,000 miles to every County in the state and many of the States’  Newspapers, Universities, Radio and T.V. stations was rewarding and enlightening.

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take Oklahoma back from the imperialistic oligarchs